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In May 2018 HILDEBRAND SWEDEN was launched for the public, but we had worked with our brand a long time prior to this. In 2016 we registered our company, but the work had started much earlier. The work of finding the right factories that fulfilled all of our requirements took about 4 years. What we have truly understood is the importance of support from family and friends, and how important and awarding it is to learn to know people that are in the same situation that we are in. To work with your own design, your own production and your own retail means tough work, long hours, worries and is both physical and psychological challenging, but it is also amazing, fulfilling, and comes with heaps of happiness.

With this blog post we wish to highlight some of the talented people, and their companies, that we have met during our journey, and who are traveling, more or less, on the same path as we are.


We met Linda in 2019. She is the founder of Pure Effect Sweden, which was launched in Sweden in 2015. Pure Effect was first on the Nordic market to offer biotechnological cleaning products for the home. Pure Effect is a new generation of clothing care and cleaning, based on active bacterial culture that effectively cleans and removes odors. Grease and dirt are broken down and odor-producing bacteria are kept away with the help of good microorganisms. Both on hard surfaces and on textiles. Highly concentrated content in several products results in fewer unnecessary water transports. The products are based on a renewable resource and of course all products are easily biodegradable. This is a one-of-kind product and company, and Linda is a power lady that we truly admire. We are so happy that our paths crossed, and our meetings are always full of inspiration and encouragement.

Check out all their products on their website:


Susanna was born into the jewellery business, and has always had a geuine interest in jewellery. She realized early that she was sensitive to earrings that were not made of gold or platina. When discovering that her daughter also had allergic reactions from the earrings that she wore, she decided to start her own jewellery company. Susanna Falken manufactures jewellery in surgical steel and medical titanium that is gentle on our skin. By combining her jewellery background with a today lean range of jewellery with health in focus as well as her passion for solving problems, it was obvious for her to continue in her family's footsteps in the jewellery industry. The idea for Susanna Falken was born. We love the jewellery that she is designing and producing, and her support for different charities is so valuable. Sharing is Caring, and Susanna is doing both. Her happy appearance is so energizing!

Check out her collection on


Sometimes you meet someone and it feels like you have known eachother forever! Li Wall is one of those people. My Little Star Sign is a Swedish children's textile brand founded in 2021 by mother-of-two Li Wall, who after several years in retail decided to invest in her vision to make sustainable textiles that children love! The products are made of organic cotton. The first collection is based in the starry sky. Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, we are all born in different zodiac signs, something that creates mystery and fun talking points. Li Wall is also the founder of Brave Little You. Brave Little You makes children’s clothes with simple patterns that neither make children more childish than they are or dress them up as small adults. Clothes that the children themselves can wear and fill with their personality. Check out her two brands on and


We met the founders of Carpie Stockholm at an indoor Padel Tournament in favor of the Breast Cancer Association. Their padel and tennis clothes are just stunning and have that extra touch of uniqueness. Carpie Stockholm is apparel designed for an everyday, active lifestyle. They believe that an active lifestyle helps us find the balance needed to be crazy about life.

These quotes say it all:

- Regardless of the goal in life, there is no secret or shortcut to outstanding achievement.

- When motivation fails, discipline always wins.

- Today is not just any day. Today is a crazy about life day.

Check out Carpie Stockholm here:

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