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Hildebrand was established in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2018 

We are focusing on high quality, sustainability and work ethics.


Hildebrand was established in 2018. Hildebrand is a premium bag brand focusing on sustainability, ​quality and work ethic. 

Our bags are fairly produced in India at handpicked factories that we personal have chosen based on quality, work ethic and sustainability. These factories fulfil social standards based on UN Declaration of Human Rights, National Labor Law, and International Human Rights Norms. 

Employees are compensated for their hard work if they work overtime, and women are entitled to equal pay, and maternity leave with benefits. Employees receive health insurance, accident insurance, retirement benefits, and unemployment benefits.

We have also chosen to use organic cotton and eco-friendly vegetable tanned leather in our products. 

Our motto is "Doing Well By Doing Good", and we hope you feel the same. 

Our aim is that everyone should find a bag that fit their lifestyle, and also feel that their buy contributes to make another human’s life better. ​

Our bags will follow you from birth, through school and playful times, to sports activities, work, opportunities, on weekend- and business trips and friends get-togethers. ​

For every occasion there is a Hildebrand bag to accompany you.